Welcome to the European Conference on Coupons!

european conference on coupons

Update: Thank you all for attending the conference. We were overwhelmed with all the great speakers and sessions this year. We’re hoping to have an even greater conference next year.

The ECCM partnered with the North American Travel Partners Association (NATPA) to put on a 5-day conference involving over 55 speakers on various topics related to coupon codes.

Responses to the Conference:

According to polls taken with our attendees:

  • All attendees felt that it was a valuable experience that enhanced their knowledge of European travel and economics in the new-E.U.
  • 95 percent felt that they gained significant knowledge relevant to their professional fields
  • 93 percent felt that the speakers were inspiring and engaging.
  • 90 percent would recommend this conference to others
  • 98 percent said they identified changes they could make in their own industries as a result of ideas learned during the conference.


It’s a conference about budget-friendly travel (i.e. coupons), did you really think that we wouldn’t have travel coupons available?

An exclusive coupon given to us for conference attendees: use REBATES19 when you book on Hotels.com’s website to save $100 off your booking. If you’re from the U.K., then you can get a £10 daily credit with Premier Inn, located just one block from our conference.


If you are attending the conference and are submitting an abstract, click here to submit it. The deadline is July 5th. No late submissions will be accepted.

About ECCM:

The travel media landscape has been rapidly changing over the last 20 years. And coupons? Well, they’re more than things you clip out of your local newspaper to save money on groceries. People have certain expectations about using coupon codes for online purchases, and online merchants need to adapt to this changing landscape. You can head on over there to start collecting coupon codes yourself!

We’ve invited dozens of travel agents, media influencers, and celebrated travel writers as they give speeches, provide workshops, give tutorials and industry panels.

After Attending ECCM you’ll learn:

  • how to keep current in the digital travel publishing field.
  • what’s trending in the industry today.
  • learn from experts in both the travel and coupon industry
  • make connections with other coupon lovers
  • meet destination and travel brands
  • learn about new products and services in the industry.
  • and have fun!
european travel coupon conference

What To Expect at ECCM:

Actionable Advice and Content:

All of our talks are formatted as workshops, so you are actively engaged in the great content these speakers are providing.

You’ll get tons of actionable information that you can use to take your business to the next level.

This is about giving you the absolute best strategies to take home with you.

Inspiring Speakers:

Our keynote and other speakers are giving you advice that will not only impact how you do business, but also how you travel!

You may find some ways to make your own travels more rewarding, as well as saving money along the way.

Networking Opportunities:

One of the great opportunities with conventions like these is the chance to connect with other like-minded people. After you participate in our workshops, you can go to one of the many social gatherings and commiserate with your colleagues. We also feature happy hours and other social events throughout the conference.

Notable Talks:

Friday Evening:

‘The Cat Brexit’ – trying to figure out travel with the cloud of British uncertainty.

Closer Together – how the EU plans to make travel even easier for citizens of the EU.


The Canadian Connection – new VISA requirements for Canadian visitors. A step back?

Grouping Travel Coupons – Popularized by Groupon, the idea of selling groups of travel tickets together at a lower cost. Is this the path to the future?

Travel Influencers – How to take selfies that go viral: adding effects that are a cut above.